March 29, 2022

2022 Technology Hiring Trends

The world has lived through the COVID-19 pandemic, but not without making major adjustments to many aspects of life and work as a result. Technology hiring is one area where there are some important changes that have emerged. Adjusting to an almost exclusively virtual work environment has completely transformed how organizations in all industries conduct business on a daily basis. These changes have created a huge talent vacuum in technology infrastructure support roles. Additionally, the world’s increased reliance on online shopping has driven up the demand for digital marketers. 

If you’ve ever been interested in pursuing a career in IT or digital marketing, there is a major opportunity to jump into the workforce now. More companies than ever before are increasing their hiring of virtual positions within these fields and offering employees the flexibility of earning a good income while enjoying the flexibility of working from home. Trends in remote working, diversity, and entry-level technology careers make 2022 the best time to get trained for these higher-paying entry-level careers. Keep reading to learn more about these emerging trends and to find out how you can get started!


It's a Candidate-Driven Market

As opposed to an Employer Driven Market, a Candidate Driven Market refers to a job market where candidates, not employers—have the upper hand.  Numerous professionals have rethought their careers during the pandemic. One of the key changes was changing the expectations of their employers, which led many to seek out new opportunities to work with other organizations and others to change fields or industries. This means that candidates want and expect more from employers and that businesses have to adjust to these expectations. If you are the right candidate for an open position, you could have more advantages and influence at the negotiating table.  There is no better time than the present to find the career or position that will be the most valuable and best fit for you. Think of yourself as having the power to lead your career and your life where you want!

Remote Work: The New Normal

The global pandemic forced companies to move their operations from the office to the home. Even before COVID-19, many companies were slowly adopting the “work from home” model but 2020 made this model the new normal. And this is not just a temporary adjustment. According to a survey from GitLab, 1 in 3 respondents would leave their job if telework was no longer an option, and 52% would consider leaving their company for a remote role.

Research has found that for certain roles, the remote work environment yields sufficient if not increased productivity, communication, accountability, and collaboration. A study conducted by McKinsey found that remote work potential is concentrated in a few sectors. Finance and insurance have the highest potential, with three-quarters of time spent on activities that can be done remotely without a loss of productivity. Management, business services, and information technology have the next highest potential, all with more than half of employee time spent on activities that could effectively be done remotely. All of these industries employ IT and digital marketing professionals, opening up a floodgate of new employment opportunities in these areas. 


Remote Work Trends Graph



The ability to work remotely has opened up job opportunities to a broader and more diverse pool of talent. Employees are not limited by a geographic location or their ability to commute to a physical office. The remote workforce allows people from all locations and cultures to participate in technology regardless of their physical locations. Companies are now learning how to foster culture among employees of varying living conditions, focused on inclusion and team building from a virtual perspective.

Technology also cultivates a multigenerational workforce. A variety in ages and backgrounds within an organization brings a variety of voices, life experience and career-related skills that also add to a diverse workforce. Simply put, companies that offer jobs in technology have been some of the most forward-thinking about creating a diverse and inclusive culture. And the companies who do it well have been intentional about recruiting and training a diverse leadership team which makes technology a great place to grow a career.

Entry-Level Tech Careers

One positive outcome of the transition to remote working is the high demand for entry-level professionals to support a “work from home” team. Although entry-level is where you might start, most entry-level tech careers focus on growing an employee's skill set and developing those employees into advanced roles in a relatively short period of time.. 

Whether you are just getting started or making a career change, entry-level tech jobs are some of the highest paying available. Getting certified this year will help get your foot in the door and serve as a springboard you can use to move up in your target field. According to Skillcrush, entry-level tech jobs, even the ones that don’t require experience, tend to pay well from the start. And, while they often require learning some technical knowledge and coding skills (NuPaths can help with that!), they’re also a great place to gain the experience you’ll need for a successful, long-term career while making a healthy income.

Best Digital Marketing Job Titles

When considering the role that might be right for you to enter into the digital marketing field, look for positions that will foster growth. The following list identifies some of the most popular entry-level positions that span across many industries and offer advancement potential. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager / Digital Marketing Coordinator
  2. Digital Strategist
  3. Content Marketing Manager
  4. Web Developer
  5. Web Designer
  6. Web Editor
  7. CMS Manager

Best IT Job Titles

Additionally, there are a variety of entry-level job titles that are ideal launching points for people entering the IT field. Here are some of the best employment opportunities you may want to explore first to help start your IT career.

  1. IT Technician
  2. Computer Systems Analyst
  3. Web Developer
  4. IT Security Monitor
  5. Network Technician
  6. Junior Security Analyst
  7. Junior Information Security Analyst
  8. Security Threat Analyst


The Big Takeaway

For anyone even remotely curious about a career in IT or digital marketing, now is the prime time to take action to learn more about your options, develop marketable skills, and position yourself for a fulfilling job that can begin at entry-level while providing an opportunity for growth. Additionally, with so many of these job openings being offered as virtual positions, you’re not limited by your geographic location and can benefit from flexibility and work-life balance

Best of all, getting trained as an IT or digital marketing professional doesn’t require a prohibitive amount of time or a large financial investment. NuPaths offers six-month training programs that are easily accessible, affordable, and adequately prepare students for some of the most sought-after entry-level employment opportunities which include: digital marketing assistant, associate website developer,, network technician, technical support specialist, and IT Security Analyst.  For more information about NuPath’s tech training programs, visit our website to learn about funding and scholarship opportunities that will help you get the training you need to take advantage of the growing opportunities in technology.

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