Business Skills Workshops

While technical skills prepare you for the occupational tasks of a job role, there’s more to a successful career than knowing the technology and how the technology supports the business strategy.

What are Business Skills?

Business skills (also known as soft skills) are the skills and competencies that allow people to interact effectively and productively; skills like collaboration, communication, emotional intelligence, and time management. 

Business skills are what separate average performers from high performers and career struggles from career sustainability. Employers look for a balance of hard and soft skills when they make hiring decisions. 

You’ll participate in 18 hours of business skills workshops that are embedded throughout the NuPaths program.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Mindfulness
Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Overcoming IT Stereotypes
Professional Networking & Social Media
Resume & Cover Letter Writing

Is A Career In Tech Right For You?

Use our free tool  to see if a career in technology would be right for you. You will get instant results and a NuPaths Career counselor can outline the best options for you.
Career Evaluation

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