High School Students

NuPaths works with school districts to deliver focused educational pathways for entry-level information technology (IT) job roles, while providing college credits.

Why NuPaths for High School Students?

Completing a career program and earning industry certifications can differentiate students from others for scholarships and internships while in college and for job opportunities after high school or college.

We Support Career and College Readiness

Preparing students for all post-secondary options; whether a degree or the workforce, is important to individual success and a healthy economy.

NuPaths provides an option for school districts to offer students IT certification courses during high school to help students prepare for a transition to college or a career.
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We Engage Students with Active Learning

NuPaths’ Active Learning Rotations™ enable a learning experience that goes beyond the traditional whole group instruction that many high school students find unfulfilling. The personalized learning strategies and techniques used in the NuPaths courses have impacted high school student achievement throughout Pennsylvania and the nation.
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We Create Meaningful Outcomes

High school students that successfully complete a role-based NuPaths’ curriculum will have more than a series of IT courses to round-out their high school career. Upon successful completion, high school students will have industry recognized certifications and tech skills for an entry-level IT job role, and college credits toward a future college education.
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Set Students Up For Future Tech Careers

NuPaths offers multiple options for high school students. Contact us to learn how your students can benefit by participating in NuPaths programs.
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What's Next?

Education is evolving and adjusting to new options for career success other than college by bringing stakeholders together from school districts, businesses and government to expand pathways for every student's success in life.
Contact NuPaths to work with your school district to deliver focused educational pathways for entry-level information technology (IT) job roles, while providing 7-10 college credits. 
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Help Students Become Future Ready

The Future Ready PA Index emphasizes access to a high-quality education system that prepares students for future success—whether they choose college or career. NuPaths offers career pathways that result in career readiness and high-value, industry-recognized credentials. Students will have the ability to earn industry certifications and gain access to advanced coursework. 

High Schools use NuPaths to extend their current computer science curriculum, create career readiness programs and increase the employability of their graduates.

Partner With NuPaths

Connect with us today so we can begin working together to increase opportunities for your students to start their technology education. To get started simply complete the short contact form.

Then a partner success manager will contact you to talk about next steps.


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