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NuPaths Program Student Application

Do you have questions about completing the application or need more information before applying?  Tap or click the appropriate link below and you will be guided to the next steps.

After completing the short form on this page, you'll be automatically forwarded in your web browser to complete the full application form.  You will also receive two (2) emails.  One email will ask you to validate your email address.  Another email will provide a link for you to continue the application or make edits to your application before submitting it.

By submitting the following application:

You agree that all information provided in your application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that the discovery of any false information provided may be grounds for rescission of admission and registration and/or dismissal.

You understand that NuPaths is a laptop program and that you will take appropriate measures to obtain a laptop to participate in the program.

*All fields are required.

This is PART 1 of the NuPaths application.  You will be automatically forwarded to PART 2 or you may need to scroll up to the top of the screen after submitting PART 1 to link to PART 2 of the application.

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