College Alternative

Not sure if a traditional college experience is right for you? Learn how our alternative to college can teach you marketable skills and have you starting a "new collar" career in just 6 months.

Who is a Good Fit for a College Alternative Program?

From recent high school graduates to those already working, people find many reasons to explore an alternative to the traditional college experience.

Recent High School

Many high school graduates either don't want or can't afford the traditional college experience. NuPaths may be the right choice for post high school education.

People with family commitments

When your schedule is filled with caring for the people you love, NuPaths has programs that can fit with the busiest families.

People who want To Start Working Quickly

A traditional college experience takes years and some people simply don't have that kind of time. NuPaths offers programs that allow students to build skills while they work.

Learn skills. Get Certified. Start Working.

Our 6 month hands-on tech career training programs taught by industry professionals, teach the skills needed to land a full-time job in the growing "new collar" workforce.
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Why Choose NuPaths?

You will learn the needed skills and earn the certifications that will set you up for success in the real world.

Our programs are designed to teach you the technology skills and develop the business skills employers are looking for. And, you can start your IT career in 6 months, instead of years! 
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What Are "New Collar" Jobs

These jobs are ones that require some specialized education, but not a four-year college degree. Many businesses realize that requiring a four-year degree as a minimum for employment decreases their ability to put enough of the right people in the right jobs at the right time, which ultimately impacts the business’s ability to achieve its goals. Apple, Google and Microsoft are some of the major companies who have recently changed their hiring policies, no longer requiring a four-year degree for every job.

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Continuing your education is a big step—and we’re here to make it as smooth as possible. To get started today simply complete the short contact form.

Then a student success coordinator will contact you to help you with the next steps.


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