6 Things That Make NuPaths a Great Start to Your Tech Career

When you're ready to learn the skills needed to get an exciting tech job, NuPaths will set you up for success.

1. Learn From Professionals Working in the Industry.

Our courses are taught by industry professionals who work with the technology they are teaching. The instructor’s experience will help you learn real world workplace scenarios, technologies used on the job, and the challenges these instructors face every day at their work.
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2. Earn Multiple Industry Recognized certifications

We prepare our students for in-demand certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Google, Cisco, and Adobe so employers can be confident that you have the skills they’re looking for.

3. Start Your tech Career Fast

Our 6-month programs are designed to help you start building the experience and professional network that will help you start the career and earn the income you want.

NuPaths works with you throughout the program and beyond, to pursue employment opportunities. Paid internships provide an opportunity to work while completing a NuPaths program or to transition into a full-time job role. Paid apprenticeships may also be available through our apprenticeship partners.

Students who successfully complete the program are connected to local employers, staffing agencies and CareerLink for job opportunities.
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4. A Wide Variety of Career Paths 

The training and certifications you will earn through NuPaths prepares students for a wide variety of tech careers. From core IT jobs like network technician and cybersecurity to business tech jobs in digital marketing and project management, a fulfilling new career is ready for you.

5. Online or In‑Person, We Offer the Same Great Education.

NuPaths training and education focuses on the student experience. You’ll develop new technical skills through hands-on activities, scenarios and labs, while also preparing for industry certification exams. Whether an online simulation, a hands-on hardware scenario, or a practice exam, the training design is purposeful, with a focus on practicing the skills students need on the job. Whether online or in-person, you’ll develop technical skills, learn new software, and become comfortable with how technology supports business operations.
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6. Professional Business Skills Employers Want

If you want to be a rockstar you will need tech skills and people skills. In addition to teaching students the skills required for a job in tech, NuPaths also develops the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. At NuPaths you will learn communication, critical thinking and how to work on a team. 

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