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Digital Marketing Assistant Program Registration

NuPaths, cofounded by Harrisburg University, is a registered pre-apprenticeship training provider, with programs that prepare students for well-paying and in-demand tech jobs.  Northeast HS has partnered with Harrisburg University and NuPaths to offer the Digital Marketing Assistant program at Northeast HS for select students.

Digital Marketing Assistant Program at Northeast HS
6 IT Certifications | 8 college credits

The program will run throughout the school year with classes each day from 7:43 - 9:24 AM.  You'll complete 3 courses and a project to learn the skills to become a Digital Marketing Assistant. You'll earn up to 6 IT certifications and 8 college credits.  Career services support is provided for those who want to enter the workforce after graduating high school.

Digital Marketing Assistants works closely with the marketing team to implement online marketing plans and strategies. They assist the team to ensure websites are fully optimized for search engines and online advertising, verify that digital marketing ads and campaigns are well designed and that social media channels are optimally used. Additionally, the Digital Marketing Assistant evaluates site analytics and performance to leverage and enhance digital business activities. . To learn more visit

Complete the NuPaths application to register for the Digital Marketing Assistant courses at Northeast HS.

Use a personal email address when registering.  Do not use a school issued email address.  A personal email address will allow us to communicate with you over the summer and after high school for career services support.

By submitting the application:

You agree that all information provided in your application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that the discovery of any false information provided may be grounds for rescission of admission and registration and/or dismissal.

*All fields are required.

After completing the short form on this page, you'll be automatically forwarded in your web browser to complete the full application form.  You will also receive two (2) emails.  One email will ask you to validate your email address.  Another email will provide a link for you to continue the application or make edits to your application before submitting it.

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