August 17, 2022

Back to School - Upskilling for you, too?

It’s the back to school season and while that commonly brings to mind young children with lunch boxes and backpacks waiting for the school bus, or college students moving into dorm rooms, many adult learners are choosing to head back to school too! The fall season is when many new classes are gearing up with a variety of curriculums that can help you take the next step in advancing your career. Best of all, many of these courses are designed to work with the busy schedule of adults who may already have a job and are simultaneously caring for a family. 

In fact, with kids heading back to school and settling into a new routine where they are out of the house and accounted for most of the day, this just might be an ideal time for you to also explore your “back to school options” for upskilling. Investing in technology career training is a smart investment because these courses are immediately applicable to a wide variety of careers that offer longevity and growth - not to mention there’s a soaring demand! Keep reading to learn how you can head back to school, invest in your professional growth, and maintain the balance of your current career and personal responsibilities through this type of career training. 

3 Advantages of Technology Career Training

Career Placement

Most working parents can’t afford to take a four-year break from their paying job to earn a traditional university degree. Tech career training and certification programs are approximately 26 weeks long which means you can advance in your current job or start working in your new career in less than a year. These programs focus on teaching the specific skills employers are looking for and prepare you to earn the industry certifications needed to achieve your career goals. If you’re looking for a new job with a new employer, students who successfully complete one of NuPaths programs are connected to local employers, staffing agencies and CareerLink for job opportunities and ongoing resources.

Affordable Tuition

For some, the thought of spending tens of thousands of dollars to go to college seems impossible. The tuition for technology training and certification programs is just a fraction of the cost of a typical college degree program. NuPaths’s tuition includes the cost of education, all learning materials needed for courses, 100% of the fee for the first attempt at each certification exam, and, if required, 50% of the fee for the second attempt at a certification exam

In addition to affordable tuition, there are multiple opportunities to help fund your education including: government funded scholarships, discounts for employees of partner organizations and affordable education loans. Currently 95% of our students receive a scholarship.  Many employers also offer tuition assistance as part of your benefits package.  Talk with your employer about funding available for a career training and certification program.

Flexible Course Schedules

Juggling parenting, work and continuing education seems daunting at first. However, NuPaths has carefully designed our training and education programs to accommodate a variety of life circumstances. Our programs are offered online or in-person so that you can choose the schedule which will work best for you. Whatever you choose, you’ll develop new technical skills and upskill existing skills through hands-on activities, scenarios and labs, while also preparing for industry certification exams. Whether an online simulation, a hands-on hardware scenario, or a practice exam, the training design is purposeful, with a focus on practicing the skills you’ll need on the job. 

What makes NuPaths Special

Unlike other training and certification programs that start helping students find employment after they graduate, NuPaths starts preparing you to get hired on day one. If you’re looking for a new job with a new employer, we work with you throughout the program and beyond, to pursue employment opportunities. We connect students with employers for internships, apprenticeships, and full-time job opportunities. Visit our Career Services page to learn more about how we partner with you to find employment as a graduate of  one of our programs.

No Better Time Than Now.

When is the best time to enroll in a technology career training program? The answer is almost always right now. We have programs beginning throughout the year, giving you ample opportunity to select the schedule and timing that works best for you. Check our Course Schedule to see when specific programs are starting. It doesn’t matter if the program you want begins next month or in six months, it's best to get your application in as soon as possible. NuPaths doesn’t have an application fee and applying early allows our student success coordinators extra time to find opportunities to help fund your education. 

The only question left is - why not? Start exploring all that NuPaths has to offer and speak with a friendly adviser today. We can help answer all of your questions and guide you in the right direction toward selecting a program that meets your interests and goals. This season, as you’re reminded of all the students heading back to school, remember that you too can benefit from upskilling your skills to increase your job opportunities and create your dream career!

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