February 21, 2021

Be a Lifeline as a Technical Support Specialist

A career as a Technical Support Specialist can be extremely rewarding for those who enjoy helping people use technology to increase their work productivity and organization. Does this sound like you? If you find that you enjoy answering tech questions from your friends and family, and exploring new tech solutions in your spare time, then a job as a Technical Support Specialist may be a great fit. 

In this role, you can be the person who assists people at all levels of an organization to help others get their job done. No two days will be the same as technology is always evolving, and there will always be new challenges and problems to overcome. If this sounds interesting to you, there’s more good news to share. Being trained as a Technical Support Specialist can take place over the course of just 6-months and be done virtually, with the help of industry professionals. Keep reading to learn if this might be right for you.

The Role of a Technical Support Specialist

Technical Support Specialists play an important role because they help to keep the entire business working. Think of someone you know who is not tech-savvy. Can you recall a time (or possibly many times) when they’ve become frustrated with or intimidated by technology because they feel it’s too overwhelming or it doesn’t do what they need it to do? It can be a very disruptive experience particularly if it happens in the workplace and frequently. Technical Support Specialists are the problem solvers, turning insurmountable challenges into effective, and long-lasting solutions for businesses and their employees. Imagine the tech relief they provide each and every day!

Tech Support Specialists also educate people about software systems. They help new employees become familiar with established systems and support everyone’s move to new technology when a business updates or changes software.  This helps businesses transition to new technology more quickly and helps the business make sure it is getting a benefit from new technology purchases. 

Technical Support Specialists provide ongoing reassurance and resolution to frustrated end-users. This requires a calm and kind personality. You may need to deal with people who are pretty worked up over technology failing them, and you’re the person they contact in their heightened state. The ability to remain calm while patiently walking people through a solution is key. This job also requires the ability to work proactively to avoid difficulties - this means spotting risks and weaknesses in current technology solutions and proposing something better before something goes awry. This requires Technical Support Specialists communicate clearly and concisely and everyday language that is understandable to all.

A Desire to Help

In addition to the technical skills needed to become a Tech Support Specialist, it’s important that you’re  someone who desires helping others, and who gains joy and fulfillment from doing so. Simply put, this career requires you to identify as someone who “helps people.” Typically this is someone with great patience, strong people skills, and clear communication. Keep this in mind - the technical skills can always be learned, but an inherently calm and kind nature has immeasurable value in this career field.

How to Get Started

The average salary for an entry level Technical Support Specialist is a healthy $40,500.00. Plus, getting trained as a Technical Support Specialist has been noted as being a springboard to better paying IT jobs. In short, these are valuable skills that can be reapplied in many different days throughout an IT career. 

If you’re ready to begin exploring your options for becoming a Technical Support Specialist, we can help. Nupaths offers 4 courses, business skills workshops, 6 certifications, 8 college credits and 1 project in its Technical Support Specialist program. In total, the commitment is 201 hours of courses, labs, and workshops spread out over 6 months. In just half a year’s time you could be well on your way to a fulfilling career as a Technical Support Specialist..

Upcon completing your training, NuPaths is here to help you secure employment. Our career services support exists to help mentor you to the right opportunity, and connect you with key employers in our network. To name a few, many of our students have gone on to land jobs with companies such as Britewise, TEKsystems, Keystone Human Services, and various school districts across Pennsylvania. If you’re ready to explore the path of a Technical Support Specialist, today is the best day to learn more! Contact us for more information. 

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