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Diversifying Your Workforce: The Importance of IT Interns and Apprenticeships

If you’re a business who relies on technology in key areas of your operations, keep reading to learn why you should consider diversifying your workforce with IT interns and apprentices.
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How to Choose the Right Skill Training Program (updated)

Do you want to continue your education, but want an alternative to college? The good news is there are options outside of the traditional two- and four-year higher education programs that appeal to a broad range of goals, interests, levels of investment, and time commitment.
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How Can a Non-Tech Person Be Successful in the Tech Industry? [updated]

What comes to mind when you think of a ‘tech’ job? For many of us, it's coders hunched over computers, typing feverishly away at their keyboard, or hackers breaking into a firewall. Sometimes, we may imagine knowledge and skills that seem out-of-reach or specialized. While certain skills may be critical for a career in tech, […]
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