Real Paid Work Experience Through Micro-Internships
Through these paid, project-based experiences, as a NuPaths student or grad, you can showcase your skills, explore careers, and grow your network. These flexible opportunities are offered year-round, are often remote, and require 10 to 40 hours of work, making them ideal for students who need a flexible schedule.
Get Experience. Get Paid. Get Hired.

What Are Micro-Internships

Micro-internships are innovative, short-term projects that offer NuPaths students and recent graduates the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in real-world professional environments. Through our partnership with Parker Dewey, we provide a platform where you can access a diverse range of project-based assignments across various industries.
These engagements, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks, are designed to fit into your busy schedule, offering the flexibility to work remotely. Micro-internships enable you to demonstrate your skills, explore different career paths, and significantly expand your professional network, all while getting paid for your efforts.

Benefits of Micro-Internships

Benefits of

Flexible Duration
Projects range from a few hours to a few weeks, allowing for easy integration into academic schedules or personal commitments. This flexibility ensures that students can gain valuable work experience without sacrificing their studies or leisure time.
Remote Opportunities
Complete assignments from any location, offering unparalleled convenience and the ability to save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on commuting. This accessibility encourages a work-life balance and opens doors to working with companies nationwide or even globally.
Skill Development
Apply academic knowledge to solve real-world problems, thereby enhancing your resume and gaining practical skills that employers value. Through these projects, students can refine their abilities in critical thinking, project management, and specific technical skills relevant to their field of study.
Connect with employers from various sectors, significantly expanding your professional network. These connections can lead to mentorship opportunities, recommendations, and potentially full-time employment offers. Engaging in micro-internships opens the door to a community of professionals invested in your growth and success.

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