March 15, 2023

Diversifying Your Workforce: The Importance of IT Interns and Apprenticeships

Technology has become an integral part of our every day. From the moment we wake up until we relax at the end of the day, our lives are shaped by how we use technology to work, communicate, entertain, and connect. Most businesses need technology to function, and moreover to remain competitive in their industry. As such, the demand for IT workers is growing. Smart businesses know that one way to meet this demand while staying at the head of new technology trends is to hire interns and apprentices who are trained and certified in IT.

Often this is a win-win situation! Businesses gain fresh insights and valuable skills from newly minted students by hiring interns and apprentices. In turn, these young professionals gain hands-on, real-world experience that opens doors for future success. If you’re a business who relies on technology in key areas of your operations, keep reading to learn why you should consider diversifying your workforce with IT interns and apprentices.

5 Benefits of Hiring Interns and Apprentices

1 Fresh Perspective and New Ideas

One of the main benefits of hiring IT interns and apprentices is that they bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table. They have recently received the most current education on IT subjects that could immediately benefit your business, and maybe even teach your existing employees a thing or two. And although they are relatively new to the industry and have limited experience, this can be a benefit. This means that they have not been influenced by the norms and practices of the company and can offer unbiased perspectives from a new angle.

Example: A company hired an IT apprentice who suggested the use of a new software tool that increased the efficiency of the company's operations. This tool was not previously considered by the company's more experienced employees who were less familiar with it and more likely to stick with what they’ve already been using for years.

2 Increased Productivity

By hiring IT interns and apprentices, companies can increase their productivity levels. These young professionals are often eager to learn and willing to take on new tasks. They bring a fresh energy to the work environment that can inspire others to embrace innovation and creativity as well. They can also help to free up the time of more experienced employees by taking on some of their workload, specifically with tasks that are well suited for entry level positions, yet are time consuming for more senior employees.

Example: A company hired an IT intern who was tasked with creating a new website for the company. The intern thrived when given an opportunity to take the lead on a project and placed a great deal of passion into using this to demonstrate skill and value. This project was completed in a shorter amount of time than anticipated, which allowed the company to launch the website ahead of schedule.

3 Mentoring Opportunities

Hiring IT interns and apprentices also provides an opportunity for more experienced employees to act as mentors. This is beneficial for both the mentor and the intern/apprentice. The mentor can help to guide the intern/apprentice and provide them with valuable feedback, while the intern/apprentice can learn from the mentor's experience and expertise. In turn, the mentor finds fulfillment and reignites a passion for helping others to learn new skills while bringing a fresh energy to the workplace.

Example: A company hired an IT apprentice who was paired with a more experienced employee to work on a project. This project provided an opportunity for the apprentice to learn from the more experienced employee and receive guidance and feedback. The mentor also found a new sense of purpose and responsibility within the company.

4 Diversity In The Workforce

By hiring IT interns and apprentices, companies can diversify their workforce by welcoming a younger demographic who has differing skills, education, and viewpoints that stand to enhance workplace culture. This can bring new perspectives and ideas to the company and help to create a more inclusive and innovative environment. Where ideas may have been getting stagnant, interns and apprentices help draw everyone out of old ways of thinking and invite conversation around new tools, technologies, and solutions that can have a positive impact on the company’s processes and productivity. 

Example: A company hired an IT intern who came from a different cultural background than the rest of the employees. This intern was able to bring a new perspective to the company's projects and helped to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. People were pulled outside their comfort zone and challenged to understand and embrace differing viewpoints.

5 Create a Talent Pipeline

Hiring IT interns and apprentices can also be beneficial for companies in the long term. By providing these interns and apprentices with valuable training and experience, companies can create a talent pipeline for future employment opportunities. You get the benefit of seeing first hand how a new hire fits into the company culture and the skills he or she brings to the job. Should someone show potential as a full time hire, you can choose to make them a permanent job offer upon completion of the internship.

Example: A company hired an IT intern who performed exceptionally well during their internship. Employees grew comfortable with the intern and the intern gained valuable training experience that acclimated them into the work environment. After the internship ended, the company offered the intern a full-time position and the new hire was able to step into this role without needing the same level of training as someone who was hired from outside the company.

It’s clear to see why hiring an IT intern or apprentice can benefit a company on many levels. By bringing new ideas, skills, and culture to the workplace, interns and apprentices are valuable members of the team. NuPaths provides resources that help support the placement of IT interns and apprentices in businesses of various sizes and industries. We have seen first hand how this benefits not only the young professionals being given valuable job opportunities, but for the businesses who often gain so much more than expected from the experience. And one of the best ways we prepare students to intern or apprentice with a business is through our Business Skills Workshops. When students complete this course, they come ready to dive head first into an internship or apprenticeship and deliver high value to the company they serve.

For businesses who are interested in hiring an intern or apprentice, we invite you to reach out to our Partner Success Manager, Barry McGrorty for more information. Barry has worked with a variety of organizations, from innovative technology start-ups to multinational corporations. He specializes in business development and relationship building and is passionate about placing students and graduates with businesses where they are given the opportunity to make an impact. You can contact Barry at and 267-945-2623. You can also connect with Barry on LinkedIn at Let’s get started!

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