April 21, 2020

What Every Student Ought to Know About Learning At Home

In the midst of the current pandemic, educational institutions – including NuPaths – have transitioned their programs to an online learning model. The transition to the virtual learning environment is chartering new territory for many. Fortunately, NuPaths was prepared for this transition having employed our distance learning model prior to COVID-19. This has equipped us with some tools to help students remain successful while learning in the at-home environment. Here are our top three tips. 

Make A Schedule

Effective time-management skills don't just happen. They have to be learned. The first step is to set a regular schedule during this at-home learning time. This is essential for building and maintaining consistency, which will eventually make learning time habitual. Once you’ve established your work time, make a daily "to-do" list. This will enable you to stay organized and focused. Plus, it’s fun checking items off the list, as they are completed! It’s also great for building momentum! 

Create A Good Study Environment

Another critical component of success is a good study environment. Find a quiet place free of distractions, turn off your cell phone and avoid the urge to tinker around on the internet or play online games. Lighting and comfortable seating are equally important.  Lighting in the room should be at least as bright as the computer screen to avoid eye strain. Be sure to adjust the height of your chair, keyboard, and screen so that you are comfortable. 


Online courses offer a great opportunity to experience a collaborative learning environment. Connect with peers and team up for group assessments, stay in touch, exchange resources, or help each other. This is a great way to engage with information and gain more knowledge than you might in a face-to-face classroom setting. It’s also helpful to feel connected to others, especially during a time when real-life connections are limited.

Whether you’re a student or an educator, click here to check out more tips for a seamless transition to the Virtual Classroom.  

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