January 13, 2023

Expand Your Career Options with Digital Marketing Certifications [updated]

Did you know that 31% of mobile internet users are online almost constantly? This means that the millions of people who have access to the internet are a live and engaged audience that can be reached nearly 24/7. For businesses who want to sell to these around-the-clock internet users, digital marketing is a highly valuable tool. And professionals who are trained to implement digital marketing efforts are prime candidates for job opportunities!

What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is any marketing activity that uses electronic or digital communication to convey promotional messaging and measure the results. It can be online advertising, social media, blogs or search engine ads. Although we hear the term all the time, digital marketing is still very young. In fact, this now very popular career field wasn’t even an option just 25 years ago. Since the adoption of smartphones digital marketing has exploded, and so have the opportunities to make a good living as a digital marketing professional. 

A digital marketing career can look different from job to job. It can take place in an office or agency, or it can be freelance work where you work from home and possibly even start your own small business. Moreover, this field is a great choice for many different personality types, from highly creative people to analytical people, to people who love to engage with others, and even people who want to work quietly by themselves. 

Digital Marketing Training and Career Opportunities

Digital marketing professionals play a key part in things we interact with everyday. If you have ever desired a career where you will have ample opportunities to learn and grow as the industry changes, pursuing a digital marketing certification is the best first step you can take toward becoming a digital marketing professional. Best of all, there are many ways to go about breaking into the digital marketing field. 

Depending upon your interests and natural skill sets, you can become qualified for numerous job opportunities through online training and certifications. Keep reading to learn more about several common entry-level positions for digital marketing professionals, and how you can further your education to get started.


SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization managers help organizations format information so that it is easy for search websites (i.e. Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) to review and index. You will be responsible for working on the team that ensures an organization is showing up when people are looking for the things it offers. You will have the opportunity to work with content creators and data analysts and assist them in performing their jobs.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Research website analytics
  • Develop content strategy
  • Organize campaigns to improve search results
  • Implement keyword strategy


Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

A great way to have a job that allows you to travel, explore your passions, and connect with others all over the world is in the world of social media influencing. You can be an influencer or work behind the scenes; either way you will be helping to promote brands, products, or services on social media. Influencer marketers have to engage with brands, manage product placement, create content, edit photography and video. The influencer really helps viewers see themselves with the products and services they see on social media.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Engage a social media audience with a brand
  • Promote brands, products, services
  • Utilize keywords and hashtags to help posts be relevant


Digital Account Manager

Digital Account Manager

Account managers communicate between an agency and their client organizations. This role is great for people who communicate well and are organized. You will help an agency understand the client's expectations and communicate outcomes. The entry level manager will function mainly as a customer service specialist but the role will grow as you gain experience and soon you will be bringing on new clients in addition to maintaining existing business.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage client goals and objectives
  • Manage communication
  • Find new business


Ad Manager

Ad manager

All of those “sponsored” ads you see in your feed are created and placed by PPC (pay per click) advertising managers. In this job you will run campaigns on various websites and apps like Google, Blogs, Instagram, SnapChat and TikTok. Clients use these platforms to build their brand, reach new customers or directly sell a product or service. Ad managers will get familiar with the behind the scenes areas of social media and search websites, target key customer groups and create advertising campaigns. 

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Place display advertising
  • Evaluate return on investment
  • Audience targeting and keyword choices
  • Data analysis


Social Media Manager

Social Media manager

The social media manager is the hub for all communication across social media apps. They will care for an organization’s social media including: strategy, content creation, audience interaction and content creations. If you love social media, this job will allow you to experience the apps in a whole new way and learn why people engage so you can create posts that people will want to interact with.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Post social media updates
  • Communicate with social media followers
  • Promote an organization brand and image
  • Measure and analyze social media engagement

Kickstarting Your Digital Marketing Career

The great thing about digital marketing is that you can learn enough to get started quickly and work your way up in the industry. There are dozens of entry level positions that don't require a college degree. The industry is growing quickly and employers are looking for eager individuals who can hit the ground running and build upon their knowledge as they gain experience. Therefore, a small investment in your initial education and earning certifications can quickly launch you into this booming industry.

NuPaths offers a Digital Marketing Assistant program which is designed to teach you the skills needed to land your first job in digital marketing in just 26 weeks. In this program you will gain a broad understanding of the most important aspects of digital marketing, including: Web Design Fundamentals, Online Advertising and AdWords, Website statistics, Data Analysis, and more.

Whether you are brand new to digital marketing entirely, or simply want to refresh and enhance your existing skills, NuPaths Digital Marketing Assistant program will give you a competitive advantage and the tools to succeed in digital marketing. Getting started is easy! Contact us today to begin exploring this opportunity to open the door to a new career in digital marketing.

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