March 17, 2023

Foster Your High School Student’s Future in Technology (updated)

For parents and educators alike, helping high school students develop a strong foundation in technology can be one of the most important ways we prepare them for their future careers. We now live in a world where having proficient technology skills gives you an edge in just about every type of career you can imagine. More importantly, these skills foster creativity and confidence that span far beyond the classroom or office.

Often high school students can feel uncertain about their next steps after graduation. They may have questions like, “Do I want to attend college or get a job?” They may also question, “Do I have the right skills to understand new technology?” Parents can feel comfort in knowing that there are options available to further their student’s education in technology before high school graduation so that they can make choices about their future with certainty and excitement.

Enrichment Programs Provide Clarity and Confidence in Tech

By 2022, the World Economic Forum predicts 42% of jobs will require emerging technology skills such as data analytics, design thinking, and artificial intelligence. Companies will also place a premium on employees who can bring creativity, critical thinking, resilience, flexibility, and complex problem-solving to their positions.

This is an important statistic that cannot be ignored if we want to equip our high school students with the best possible education that will allow them to be resilient and adaptable to almost every career opportunity. A strong foundation in technology increases problem-solving skills, enhances communication and collaboration, instills adaptability, and prepares students to excel in a post-secondary education environment. Simply put, technology enrichment programs, when woven into a high school curriculum, increase clarity and confidence in students. 

One major hurdle to this is that educators don’t feel equipped to teach emerging technology skills, or there is not enough time and resources to incorporate the topics into the existing high school curriculum. The solution is seeking partnerships with outside organizations who have dedicated extensive time and planning to create future-ready technology enrichment programs. When combined with the other elements of a high school education, enrichment programs enable students to enhance their technology skills and elevate themselves to the next level prior to graduation.

Youth Become Future-Ready with NuPaths

NuPaths, in partnership with Harrisburg University enrichment, provides a 3 Part Tech Support Specialist program for youth 16-24 that creates career and college readiness and equips students with high-value, industry-recognized credentials that focus on core technology. This after-school curriculum provides access to a top-quality education that prepares them for future success, whether students ultimately choose college or a career right after high school. Imagine if your high school student were to graduate with the benefits of an additional technology enrichment education that would allow them to...

  • Be prepared with entry-level knowledge and skills in computer hardware, operating systems, networking technologies and protocols, web browsers, IT security, technology troubleshooting, system maintenance, and more.
  • Earn industry-recognized certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft to support job search and college application success.
  • Earn college credits that can be applied toward future degree completion.

Students who complete the NuPaths Tech Support Specialist enrichment program stand head and shoulders above those who do not receive this extra enrichment and are prepared to excel in the workforce or in higher education. Such enrichment is immediately applicable in the classroom as well as the workforce. Whether students plan to attend college or get a job right out of high school, these skills increase their employability.

When surveyed, 100% of NuPaths enrichment students reported that they felt more confident in their ability to complete college-level courses. Confidence, when combined with real-life experience and education, is among the most powerful preparations for future success! Currently, more than 80 students from 25 school districts have enrolled in the 3-Part TSS enrichment program with 73% passing the course(s) they took, earning over 115 college credits, and 30% earning an IT certification.

In their own words, here is what a few students had to say about their experience.

Overall the workload was manageable in addition to a full high school course load, and the relevance to the assignments with the course was strongly appreciated.
It has given me a lot to think about, in terms of not only my future but what I am now as a person. It gave me the opportunity to see another side of the tech industry and, as an aspiring engineer, I can confidently say it shifted my view onto the professional world of technology and its implications in the workforce.
I enjoyed the live sessions and the live quizzes that were given by our instructor. My instructor was very knowledgeable and smart so it made learning these new things a breeze.

Parents of high school students and young adults can feel confident in their decision to enroll their children in a NuPaths enrichment program where they will gain a valuable foundation in technology that can be applied across many different career fields and future pursuits. Getting started is easy. You can learn more about the enrichment program at NuPaths - HU Enrichment ( and students can apply for a 100% scholarship through the HU Enrichment - Grant Eligibility Information Request Form ( There are upcoming start dates for the after-school program.

The satisfaction of participants speaks for itself...



Time spent learning and refining tech skills is always a sound investment in education. And with the tailored curriculum and schedule designed for high school students, an investment in high school enrichment is a direct investment in a child’s future. Learn more about the educational options offered and how to enroll today!

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