March 10, 2021

Give Your High School Student a Jump Start in IT

Simply put, enrichment programs allow students to access classes not currently available at their high school, and to explore fields of study that may help them choose a major. Enrichment programs give students early access to the college experience and offer college credits which may be transferred to college. Recently more and more high school enrichment programs have been made available, broadening their scope and use. It’s particularly important for students or someone who is guiding a student in their next steps for education or career choices to understand what’s available and how it can be accessed. 

Not all that long ago, enrichment programs were often thought to be reserved for students who are academically advanced. Today, that is no longer the case. Enrichment programs are available to students of all academic levels, interests, and career aspirations. What’s most important is finding the right program that aligns with your interests, available time, and career goals. Keep reading to learn more about the NuPaths IT training  program offered through Harrisburg University’s high school enrichment program.

Program Details

NuPaths offers the tech support specialist program for high school students in an online,  after-school program to help students become future-ready. The program is designed to deliver the tech support specialist education spread out during a student’s high school education, and concluding shortly after graduation from high school. 

The program is broken up into three parts, the first two are delivered during high school, and the final part including two courses, a project course and business skills training is delivered after high school graduation. 

Part 1: Foundations in Information Technology.  Learn the basics of computer hardware, software, mobile computing, networking, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies.  Students can earn 2 college credits and the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification.

Part 2: Fundamentals of Productivity Software. Learn the skills needed to increase productivity with data management, scheduling, and email management in Microsoft Excel and Outlook. Students can earn 3 college credits and the Microsoft Office Specialist certifications for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.

A high school student can enroll in Part 1 and/or Part 2 and can take the two courses in any sequence.

A student who participates in the full program can earn up to 6 industry certifications, 8 college credits, and a certificate of completion from Harrisburg University and NuPaths. They will also have an opportunity to enter the workforce on completion of the program, with career services support provided by NuPaths.

Distance Learning Program Delivery

NuPaths’ distance learning model is a blend of live online sessions and self-paced online work. We understand that online education needs to be carefully constructed for it to be engaging and easy to follow for students. Planned weekly assignments and weekly pacing allow learners to create a schedule that will keep them on pace and on track. Furthermore, online learners benefit from high-quality, engaged instructors who are available for assistance, to answer questions, and to demonstrate complex technology concepts. The weekly live online session with the instructor and other students allows students to connect with each other for collaboration on activities and projects.

Benefits of Distance Learning Model:

  • Gain confidence in their skills as they complete a variety of hands-on exercises, including simulations, business scenarios, and practice exams.
  • Experiment with a large selection of parts to build a virtual PC and learn to diagnose, repair, and build PCs through online simulations.
  • Work through scenarios in a help desk ticketing system, just like they will when they are on the job as an IT professional.
  • Access in-depth exam preparation through practice exams, that include problem-based questions, apply knowledge of the concepts, and prepare for industry certification exams.

Grant Program

A major roadblock for receiving any type of continuing education is the cost. When it comes to high school enrichment programs, NuPaths has worked with Harrisburg University to remove this roadblock by way of grant funding for students. Our grant program is designed to assist students with the tuition and help them overcome any roadblocks to accessing the high school enrichment programs that will help them to succeed. You or your student may be eligible for grant assistance if you fit these three categories:

  • Your age is between 14-18 or 18-24
  • You reside in one of the following 8 counties (Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Juniata, Lebanon, Perry, or York)
  • The student ONLY Income is between $0-$30,268.00/annually

Eligible students may simply follow the instructions provided through the Grant Funded Link where they will be directed to a site that provides further instructions to determine eligibility. Students who are ineligible for grant funding, but still want to participate in the enrichment programs, may enroll using the main enrollment page here

Enrich Tomorrow by Starting Today

Enrichment programs are a viable option for many high school students today; they are not limited to students of a certain academic level or career aspiration. They simply provide an additional tool for obtaining education and life skills that will better prepare students to enter the next chapter of their lives, whether that’s higher education or the workforce.

If you’re a high school student, recently graduated high school,  or someone who is guiding a student in their next steps for education or career choices, it’s worth taking a closer look at the NuPaths 3 Part Technical Support Specialist  program, offered through Harrisburg University enrichment. This is a valuable opportunity for anyone who is interested in pursuing a future career in technology. We urge students, parents, and educators to learn more about our high school enrichment program which provides accessible and convenient training for a bright future in IT.

Click here to receive more information or to ask questions.  Or, email Danielle Schaufert at for registration and questions.

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