April 21, 2023

How beginners can get started in website design and development (updated)

The entire world now relies on the internet to perform many daily tasks from reading the news to listening to music to doing banking and shopping. It’s how you’re consuming this content right now! It’s estimated that 1.7 billion websites currently exist, from the social media monsters like Facebook with millions of visitors every minute of every day, to those designed to serve extremely small audiences like private websites used to share photos and content intended for only select people to see. 

Most astonishing is that there is still a strong demand for more websites, above and beyond what is already created! An estimated 576,000 new websites are launched every day - adding to this vast expanse of the internet at a staggering rate. Because of this seemingly never-ending need for information-sharing portals that serve us every day, there are also growing openings, at all levels, on web development teams. 

The Time is Now

According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the employment demand for web developers is predicted to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Adding to this demand is our growing dependence on mobile applications and e-commerce which will fuel accelerated growth for years to come. 

Web Developers and Digital Designers



For young professionals looking to break into the tech industry now is the prime time to take that step. Unlike other career paths in technology, which require advanced degrees and years of study, it's possible to be qualified to work as a web developer in just six months. And you’ll start out with a living-wage salary, too. The average annual pay for an Associate Website Developer/Junior Website Developer is $70,407

The Role of an Associate Website Developer

An entry-level website developer will work with a team to create new websites, make changes to existing websites, and provide regular maintenance. Generally, associate website developers will work under the supervision and mentorship of a more senior developer.

In this role, you can expect to coordinate with and support the development team on web projects and monitor the website development cycle. You may also be required to administer websites using a variety of web technologies, develop design architecture for websites, and maintain daily website needs for internal and/or external clients.

As an Associate Website Developer, you will develop and execute web applications and prepare documentation based on functional and business requirements as well as design and maintain templates and style sheets for web-based content management systems, and assist in quality control activities. You may also design test scripts and plans for use in website testing.

Attention to detail and a high level of integrity are a must because you will be asked to ensure compliance with all standards and procedures, manage communications between the client and development team, and provide project status on multiple web projects at a time. Keep in mind that the specific roles of an associate website developer will rely heavily on the type of company for which they work.

Benefits of Working as an Associate Website Developer

High demand for entry-level employees: As mentioned previously, website developers are in high demand which has multiplied by the life circumstances created by the global pandemic. It is predicted that the demand will further increase by 8% by 2029.

High-Paying Entry-Level Job: Because of the high demand for entry-level/ junior website developers, these careers generally have a higher average salary than other entry-level career choices. 

Opportunities for remote work: over the past year, many companies have transitioned policies to allow employees to work full or part-time from home. Companies leverage this flexibility to attract new individuals into IT and website development.

Multiple Career Paths: Web development is the gateway to a wide variety of career paths. After you have some experience, you can begin to explore other disciplines with your skills including digital marketing or mobile app development. During your career, you may have opportunities to work with individual companies, agencies that serve multiple clients, or as a freelancer managing your own customers.

No Prior Website Experience Required

Landing a job as an Associate Website Developer does not require a four-year degree or extensive website development experience to get your foot in the door. This is what makes this career choice a highly accessible and valuable opportunity. It’s an excellent alternative to college or a segway for a career transition. Most importantly, companies are looking for new talent who has basic knowledge of website development and a willingness to learn and grow! 

Those interested in this career opportunity should explore Associate Website Developer programs offered locally or online. This opportunity is knocking at your door right now with NuPaths’ programs starting soon! Check our Course Schedule for specific start dates. Take the next step today by visiting our site to connect with a student success coordinator who can help you with the application process and provide information about scholarships and tuition financing. Get started here! 


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