February 24, 2023

Is a Career In Tech Support Right For Me? [updated]

Almost all of us have been frustrated by a piece of technology not working as we thought it should. At a minimum, it’s an inconvenience that hinders our productivity or delays satisfaction. And some days, it makes us want to throw our devices across the room! In this day and age, any disruption in our access to technology can cause us to miss a conference call or Zoom meeting, lose important files, or make a critical error in data. This is all the more reason why it is such a great feeling when someone is able to work their ‘magic’ and get technology to work in the way we need it!

Have you ever wondered how the hero on the other end of the help desk call learned the skills needed to help you with your every tech issue? Tech support specialists help people ​with technical issues and questions relating to computers or software. They interface with customers by phone, email, or instant message to diagnose technical issues, find solutions, and work to install hardware or software on computers and devices.

Tech support specialists are in high demand and can find work across a multitude of industries. If you have an interest in technology and a desire to help people use technology to add value to their lives, then a career in tech support could be a great opportunity for you. Keep reading to learn about what it takes to turn a love for technology into a fulfilling career. 

Job Outlook

Indeed evaluated which entry-level roles had the highest percentage of postings on its site in January 2023 and found that technical support specialist was one of the most common job titles that dominated the list of top entry-level jobs in tech. Technical support specialists are also among The 10 most in-demand tech jobs for 2023 according to CIO.com. 

These entry-level roles begin with a living-wage salary and typically allow for regular, daytime work hours in a comfortable and professional work environment. According to Salary.com, technical support specialists earn a median annual salary of $52,839 and computer network support specialists earn $62,340. Entry-level support specialists can expect to earn $35,250.

What’s important to keep in mind is that although the role of a technical support specialist involves interfacing with technology on a regular basis, it also requires a high level of customer service. Someone who can master technology while also having clear and friendly communication will excel in this role. It is an ideal career option for those looking to work from home.

Key Benefits of a Tech Support Career

Entry Level Work with Opportunity for Rapid Growth

Tech support is considered the bottom rung on the tech ladder, which allows individuals to grow from tech support into whatever tech specialty they desire. 

Develop Valuable Problem-Solving Skills
Because this role involves being asked different questions frequently, you will constantly learn, engage with and understand the latest technology solutions. Learning these valuable skills will help you approach new information confidently and more efficiently adopt technological updates, all of which are excellent skills that can be carried forward wherever your career progresses.

Gain Soft Skills to Lead a Team

And possibly best of all, a career in tech support allows you to expand your soft skills like motivation, decision-making, and leadership, as well as technical knowledge, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. Both on a resume and in practice, these skills are highly valued by employers and will help to set you apart while helping you excel throughout your career.

How to Break Into the Tech Support Field

People who work in tech support have in-demand skills in hardware, software, and user experience that set the stage for fast-track promotions. If you feel you only have basic tech skills but want a career in technology, tech support can be a great way to kickstart your IT career. It’s an entry point to a career in IT that will provide a foundation for advancing into higher-paying career tech jobs. You don’t need much, if any experience, but rather can learn through a short-term training program, like what is offered through NuPaths.

In just 26 weeks you can complete four foundational courses, earn six certifications, and receive eight college credits that will put you in the driver’s seat toward a career in technology as a tech support specialist. Courses can be completed completely online with a flexible schedule to fit your needs. NuPaths also proudly offers affordable tuition plans

Learn more and view upcoming courses. What are you waiting for? Take the first step toward a fulfilling career as a professional tech support specialist!

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