March 3, 2018

NuPaths, an HU startup, leads students and employees to new IT career paths

NuPaths signing at Harrisburg University

NuPaths is launched on Friday, January 12, 2018 with the signing of the partnership agreement. Pictured in the photo are (front) Eric Darr, President of Harrisburg University of Science & Technology, (back right) Pankaj Agarwal, NuPaths Cofound, (back left) Andy Petroski, NuPaths Cofounder and Sr. New Product Development Consultant.

NuPaths, an HU startup, leads students and employees to new IT career paths

In the changing Information Technology market, certifications have become a new way for people to enter the job market and show their expertise without having a formal degree.

Employers search for people with job-specific skill sets, especially when it relates to helpdesk, software testing and IT security operation center positions. And these jobs require skills that can be developed in a fairly short period via certification programs.

NuPaths works with high school students, college students, veterans and career-transitioning employees looking to enter the IT job market or advance their IT skills with IT certifications.

“There has been a major shift from traditional four-year degree programs to short-term programs. Cost and time are drivers for change,” said NuPaths Co-founder Pankaj Agarwal. “NuPath’s focus on job-related education delivers a tremendous return on investment, especially in technology, where there is a shortage of trained employees. And rapid advancement in technology requires constant retraining of employees.”

NuPaths will launch with an invitation-only pilot program that will run from Feb. 26 through the end of May. Two seniors from six local school districts will participate in the pilot course, which will take place at Harrisburg University.

Online public enrollment will open during the summer. Some courses will take place at Harrisburg University. Others likely will be delivered at high schools and businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond. NuPaths plans to add to its offerings and later will incorporate online courses.

To complete a pre-application, or for more information, visit the NuPaths website at

See the original press release on the Harrisburg University web site.


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