April 13, 2020

NuPaths Becomes a Comcast Internet Essentials Partner

NuPaths is pleased to announce that it has become a Comcast Internet Essentials community partner to help promote low-cost internet access to individuals and communities. Internet Essentials is the nation’s largest, most comprehensive, and most successful high-speed internet adoption program for low-income households. Internet Essentials is uniquely designed to address the three major barriers to broadband adoption—digital literacy and relevance, computer equipment, and cost—and relies on a network of tens of thousands of partners to help communities cross the digital divide.

Those who are interested can learn more about Comcast Internet Essentials for low-cost high-speed internet here. New customers will receive two months of free service in response to the Coronavirus emergency.

Internet Essentials

Per Pankaj Agarwal, NuPaths CEO: "NuPaths is glad to be a Comcast Internet Essentials partner and excited to share the low-cost internet option with our students.  We are moving courses to online delivery and expanding our distance learning program schedule to increase access to IT job training during these difficult times. The Internet Essentials program provides important, low-cost internet access that will allow anyone who wants to learn or increase their IT skills to participate."

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