June 23, 2020

Make Your Resume Stand Out: NuPaths Offers Industry-Recognized Certifications That Get You Hired

Are you ready to stand out from the competition? At NuPaths, we’ll make sure you do by helping you earn industry-recognized certifications from organizations like Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Adobe, and others. These certifications tell potential employers that you are qualified and prepared to perform a particular job and have the most up-to-date background and training in a constantly changing tech environment.  

For example, if you are in our Technical Support Specialist program, you will take six certifications, including Microsoft Excel so you can support, train, and help end-users manage data. If you are studying to be an IT Security Analyst (SOC Analyst) in NuPath’s Cyber Security Pathway, you’ll receive training for five certifications that prepare you to keep your employer’s data safe and secure. 

We offer the certifications you need to get ahead

Once you’re in the workplace, you’ll learn that having an up-to-date industry certification can give your career quite a boost. With a certification: 

  1. An employer understands you have expert knowledge. 

With a certification, your employer knows you have a baseline of consistent knowledge, whether the company is in your community or is based internationally.

  1. An employer understands you are committed to your job. 

Did you know that 91% of hiring managers consider certifications when they evaluate potential employees? While having a certification doesn’t guarantee a job, it may get your foot in the door.

  1. An employer understands you will be a valued employee.  

Having a certificate moved their career forward was the response of 80% of professionals in the technology field in a recent survey. In other words, you may advance more quickly, get a higher pay raise, and have more job security. 

  1. Certification can mean a higher paycheck.

A study by Simplilearn, one of the largest providers of online certification courses, examined salary increases among its 400,000 users. Of those who responded to the survey, both in the U.S. and globally, about 77% reported a salary increase or promotion after completing at least one course/certification combination. An earlier IBM report noted that project managers who had earned a project management certification within the last five years earned an average of $5,242 more than their uncertified counterparts.

Since each company is different, it’s hard to put a 'dollars and cents' amount on the certification “advantage.” But employers understand that people who get the latest certifications have the most up-to-date knowledge in their fields and can meet ever-changing customer demands. And they’ll pay more to keep more effective and productive employees. With a certification, you may advance more quickly, get a higher pay raise, and have more job security.

  1. Networking is easier for you.

A certification often allows you to make connections with a higher level of professionals who can be a valuable resource when you are hunting for your first or next job. Once you have received your certification, you may be offered access to more exclusive social media sites, job boards, and events. All of these connections offer networking opportunities that help you stay in touch with trends and employment opportunities in your field.

  1. You’re ready for a change.

You don’t have to be pigeon-holed by your certification. Since getting certifications is more cost-effective and usually less time-consuming than getting a degree, you may wish to maintain multiple certifications. If you want to change gears, you’ll have more career options. Even if you haven’t had years of experience in a specific field, you can show a potential employer that you have prepared and are ready for a career change through the latest certification.

How do you get certified through NuPaths?

Specific certifications are built into your NuPaths curriculum. The courses in each program are tailored to prepare you to earn industry-recognized technology-related certifications. You’ll be taking the certification exams as part of your course. To learn which certifications you’ll earn, just check the link for the program you’ve chosen. 

For example, if you study to be a functional testing analyst, you’ll be prepared to take six certifications while you are earning your college credits. Your tuition covers 100% of the certification process the first time around. And, if you need to take your exam again, 50% is covered by your tuition. 

Here is a list of certifications available through NuPaths programs:

  • Adobe Certified Associate
  • Microsoft Technology Associate
  • Microsoft Office Specialist –Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Office Specialist –PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Specialist –Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office Specialist –Microsoft Outlook
  • CompTIA ITF+
  • CompTIA Security+ 
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Project+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Google AdWords Fundamentals
  • Cisco Certified CCENT Network

Through NuPaths, you can also be sure that you are prepared to take the most recent certifications. As technology evolves and certification exam objectives change, the courses also refresh to meet the requirements of the updated certification exams.

Students continue to perform well on certification exams. For example, 92% of students (or 36 out of 39) recently passed Microsoft Office certification exams, while 88% of students (15 out of 17) recently passed Microsoft Technology Associate exams. Check out the specific program results for the spring semester at the end of this blog.  

Each NuPaths program prepares you for more than one certification. You can earn up to six industry-recognized certifications in each program. By choosing NuPaths, you can jump into your tech career with the edge the certifications provide. You’ll be more competitive because you have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge that can make you more effective in your job. As you build up your professional credibility, you have the potential to earn 20 to 40% more than those without certifications. 

All in all, you’ll have a solid foundation for your chosen career through NuPaths. How far up you go is only limited by your ambition, your commitment to your work, and the certifications you complete and maintain. 

See how NuPaths students excelled during the spring certification exams:


Technical Support Specialist program (distance learning program format): 8 out of 10 (80%) of the students passed the Microsoft Office: Microsoft Excel certification exam.   

Network Technician program: 9 out of 12 (75%) of the students passed the MTA: Security Fundamentals certification exam.   

Manheim Township High School – Digital Marketing Assistant: 11 out of the 18 (61%) students passed the Microsoft Office Specialist–Excel 2019 certification exam. 

Cumberland Valley High School – Technical & Security Assistant: 11 out of 15 (73%) students passed the Microsoft Office Specialist–Excel 2016 certification exam. 

Technical Support Specialist (distance learning format):

  • 9 out of 10 (90%) students passed the Microsoft Office Specialist–Excel 2019 certification exam.
  • 9 out of 9 (100%) students passed the Microsoft Office Specialist–Outlook 2016 certification exam.

Network Technician group: 10 out 12 (83%) students passed the Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA): Security Fundamentals Exam 

Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst (Philadelphia group): 5 out 5 (100%) students passed the Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA): Security Fundamentals Exam

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