May 26, 2022

NuPaths Receives State Grant to Provide Career Training for High Schools in the Region

NuPaths, an IT and tech workforce development training provider, co-founded by Harrisburg University to prepare students for well-paying and in-demand entry-level roles in technology jobs in six months, has been awarded state grant from Gov. Tom Wolf to provide career exploration and entry into career training for 72 sophomores and juniors at seven southcentral Pennsylvania high schools in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties.

“The $250,000 grant provides students with IT career exploration opportunities and the ability to earn industry certifications and college credits while in high school. The experience with the NuPaths courses will help build solid career paths to employment or post-secondary education,” says Andy Petroski, President of NuPaths.

In the 2022-23 school year, students from Big Spring, Carlisle, Central Dauphin, Cumberland Valley, Harrisburg, South Middleton, and Susquehanna Township high schools, will participate in an online afterschool course to earn industry certification and college credits. Thirty (30) of the students who complete the afterschool program will be selected to enroll in a NuPaths pre-apprenticeship program as juniors and seniors during the 2023-2024 school year.


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