April 30, 2020

NuPaths is Successfully Transitioning Students from the Classroom to an Online Format

On Monday, April 28th, NuPaths began its first program where students who were scheduled to take courses in-person will start their program in a distance learning format, a flexible blend of self-paced online work and live, online sessions. The students were scheduled to begin the Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst program in Philadelphia before moving to the distance learning format.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst program trains students to support the detection, containment, and remediation of IT threats. They learn to monitor networks and applications to identify a possible cyber-attack or intrusion and help coordinate and report on cyber incident responses. SOC Analysts provide analysis and trending of security log data, Incident Response (IR) support, and threat and vulnerability analyses.

Distance learners with NuPaths can trust that they are not alone with high-quality, engaged instructors available for questions, assistance, testing, and face-to-face interactions 3 nights a week. The online option offers schedule and location flexibility, allowing those looking to pursue new career options an opportunity to do so from the safety of their home.

*Click Here* for a **FREE** career evaluation. We would be happy to help you decide if tech is the right path for you.

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