March 18, 2020

NuPaths Transitions to Online Learning Classes in Response to COVID-19

The 2019 Coronavirus has been monitored by NuPaths since it first emerged. Currently, there are no identified cases in the NuPaths and Harrisburg University community. However, the safety and health of the students, instructors and staff is the primary concern, and out of an abundance of caution and concern, action is being taken to move NuPaths’ class sessions online and to adjust the schedule for the distance learning program.

With the expanding concern of Coronavirus spreading through social contact, NuPaths has decided to suspend all in-classroom sessions beginning Monday, 3/16/20. However, we are making changes to the class format at locations in Harrisburg and Cumberland Valley High School, as well as in the distance learning program so that students can continue their studies uninterrupted.  Class sessions in Philadelphia are suspended for two (2) weeks, and are scheduled to resume on March 31, 2020.

Virtual Classroom Sessions

Students and instructors will transition to a virtual classroom format for the majority of our programs currently in progress. In the virtual classroom format, students and instructors will meet during regularly scheduled class sessions.  But, instead of meeting in-person, they will log in to the Zoom virtual classroom platform for live discussion, presentation, demonstration and interaction.

Supporting the Transition

NuPaths will support the students’ transition to online learning as well as support the instructors with guidelines, resources and one-on-one coaching to make a seamless transition to live, online sessions.  

NuPaths and its students are uniquely positioned to make this transition based on the materials that are provided in each course, including eBooks, virtual labs, online practice exams, and a cloud-based helpdesk system (Spice Works) for scenarios and simulations.  The cost of materials is included as part of an all-inclusive tuition fee. The materials are provided to every student at the beginning of each course, assuring that all students have the resources needed to make the transition to online learning.

Andy Petroski, Chief Learning Officer for NuPaths, says, “The self-directed learning tools and instructional strategies that we’ve built into the in-classroom sessions make the transition to online learning less disruptive for students who are already accustomed to using virtualization and online simulation in IT training.” 

While the move to virtual classroom sessions is a backup plan, we are glad that we are able to make this transition so students can continue their progress in the NuPaths programs on schedule without disruption.

In addition, NuPaths is working with testing centers that remain open to proctor the certification exams and will provide updated information to students about any changes to certification exam locations.

Please see below for more information about each particular program, by location.

Harrisburg-Based Sessions

SOC Analyst program at Harrisburg University

The NPTH 402: SOC Analyst Project course has been moved to live, online instructor-led sessions in Zoom for the next two (2) weeks.

Network Technician program at Harrisburg University

The NPTH 217: Network Installation, Security and Maintenance course has been moved to live, online instructor-led sessions in Zoom for the next two (2) weeks. 

Technical and Security Assistant program at Cumberland Valley High School

The program is on hold for two weeks while the school is closed.  We are offering optional and ungraded online study sessions for the students in Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10:30 AM during that time.

Technical Support Specialist program in a Distance Learning Format

All flex option, in-classroom sessions have been changed to online instructor-led sessions only (in Zoom) for the next two (2) weeks. 

Philadelphia-Based Sessions

SOC Analyst program in Philadelphia

NuPaths is suspending in-classroom sessions in Philadelphia for two (2) weeks. 

While this delay is unplanned and unfortunate, it is in the community’s best interest to put it in place.  When the NuPaths courses continue, it will be with renewed certainty and confidence that everyone can concentrate on the coursework, IT skill development and IT certification exam prep without the distraction of the current pandemic.  We will continue to provide regular updates on the developing situation.

Please note that the SOC Analyst program scheduled to start on March 18  in Philadelphia, has been delayed until April 29, 2020.

Please keep yourself, and your family and friends, in good health.

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