September 1, 2020

NuPaths: Workforce Spotlight with the PA Chamber of Business

NuPaths is committed to bringing quality, hands-on technology education to Pennsylvanians as part of an ongoing effort to connect workers to open IT positions.

Starting the conversation is the first step, which is why being featured on the PA Chamber Foundation’s Workforce Spotlight has exposed NuPaths to more PA companies for hiring new employees or upskilling their existing employees. The PA Chamber of Business and Industry are advocates for increasing the competitive advantage of Pennsylvania businesses and they do so by bridging the gap in conversations between policymakers, business owners, and key members of the public. Working alongside the PA Chamber Foundation has allowed NuPaths to contribute to this growing conversation.

The PA Chamber Foundation highlighted some key advantages of NuPaths training for Pennsylvanians, including; training development, preparing employees for new roles, and upskilling existing employees. The PA Chamber Foundation has also acknowledged the need for people to fill IT jobs in Pennsylvania, citing 67,000 open positions across the state.

To read more from the PA Chamber Foundation about the role of NuPaths in supporting the development of a technology workforce in PA, see the feature here. Keeping the Pennsylvania economy flourishing means to continuously keep up with new trends in the industry and starting key conversations with businesses who are hiring. Doing so helps potential employees meet the needs and demands of the current tech landscape. It is clear that the tech sector is growing in the Commonwealth and NuPaths will help ensure potential employees can keep pace with employers’ needs. 

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