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Technology has become an integral part of every business, and employers need a workforce that is fluent in modern technology.  In order to meet this ever-increasing need, NuPaths offers a variety of programs designed to train you for specific roles in the modern workforce.

Associate Web Developer

Picture yourself as part of a team building a website for the next blockbuster movie or working with the design and development team building a mobile web app that will change the way people interact with the world around them. Well-designed websites are a key for the success of any business today and you can be part of building the next amazing online experience.
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Broadband Technician

You could be part of managing the communities communication systems. As a broadband technician you will install, maintain, and repair telecommunication and IT systems, including telephone services, broadband Internet, and cable television.
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Digital Marketing Assistant

As the world of online and mobile marketing and e-commerce continues to grow, businesses will need the skills of Digital Marketing Assistants to connect and engage consumers. As a digital marketing assistant you will play a key support role on the marketing team, optimizing web sites, managing online ad campaigns, and analyzing consumer reactions to adjust campaign strategies.
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IT Security Analyst (SOC Analyst)

Imagine the thrill of monitoring and maintaining systems to protect valuable data from the bad guys. As an IT security analyst you will face new challenges every day as you monitor and secure applications, PCs and networks. If you'd enjoy being a key member of a team that protects the company's and its employees' data then IT security is for you.
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Network Technician

You could be part of managing a company's central IT nervous system. As a network technician you will set-up the networks, protect them from cyber attacks and troubleshoot computer and network systems.
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Project Analyst

Be the person who manages the project manager. Support the project manager and the entire project team as a project analyst. Track tasks and resources, report on key performance indicators and maintain clear lines of communication to help deliver a project exceeding the client's expectations.
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Software Testing Analyst

You are the most critical checkpoint to ensure the success of new system rollouts and application upgrades. Software testing analysts are great problem solvers and have a keen eye for details.
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Technical Support Specialist

Do you like helping people figure out how to use technology? Are you always answering tech questions from your friends and family? Then, a job as a technical support specialist may be right for you. You can be the person who assists people at all levels of an organization get their jobs done.
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