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Who Do We Partner With?

We value partnerships with all those involved in the technology workforce development ecosystem
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NuPaths graduates are valuable members of IT teams and other business departments like marketing and project management.
  • Are you looking for talent that will meet your staffing needs?

  • Would you like to upskill your workforce?

  • Would you like to support the tuition of our students by providing scholarships?

Staffing Agencies

We work with regional and national staffing agencies to meet the IT talent demands of their clients.

Do you need to increase your technology talent pipeline for contract staffing demand?


Workforce Development

NuPaths is an eligible training provider for multiple workforce development boards in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We have received multiple grants from the PA Department of Labor & Industry to develop new IT workforce development programs and subsidize student tuition state-wide.

Are you looking for an IT workforce development partner that will support the training and education of your clients for well-paying and in-demand IT jobs?

High Schools

We have served students from 35 school districts through after school enrichment programs and programs embedded in the school day at the high school.

Can your high school students benefit from career training that prepares them for industry-recognized certifications and allows them to earn college credits from Harrisburg University while in high school?

High School Guidance Counselor
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Colleges And Universities

NuPaths partners with colleges and universities to efficiently integrate technical skills training into the college curriculum. NuPaths programs include industry-recognized certifications, college credits, and hands-on skills development, all in a turnkey model for higher education. The programs can provide the technical skills your college’s students need to enter the workforce with in-demand skills. 

NuPaths’ integrated workforce training programs fill the skills gap with programs by incorporating tech skills into non-tech and tech majors, resulting in well-rounded, future-ready graduates.

How Do We Partner?

We work with partners in a variety of ways to improve student opportunities and meet the demand for today’s high-tech jobs.


Enrollment partners can receive tuition discounts, on-site program delivery and work with us to create customized programs.


Funding partners provide much needed tuition support to students looking to change their career and change their life.


Employment partners establish internships and apprenticeships for NuPaths students and work with us to connect directly to NuPaths graduates for their entry-level technology hiring needs.

Share Your Knowledge and Experience

We look to our partners to share information about their company, their professional experiences, and their career advice as guest speakers during student orientation, in classes and during Employer Spotlight sessions. Partners also have an opportunity to interview NuPaths students at the end of their program at Employer Connection sessions that include 7-minute speed interviews with up to 10 students.
If you're interested in inspiring the next generation of IT employees as a NuPaths instructor email us at

Learn How You Can Partner with NuPaths

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