Interns & Apprentices

Paid internships and apprenticeships provide a win-win opportunity for students and businesses.

Fill Your Tech Skills Gap 
with Ready to Work Interns & Apprentices

Our 26-week training programs prepare students for your entry-level IT and tech roles through hands-on learning and multiple industry certifications.

Year-Round Availability

NuPaths provides skilled interns and apprentices year-round, helping companies overcome recruitment challenges and access talent promptly. With a consistent pipeline of individuals ready to contribute immediately, companies can efficiently address their tech skills gap, avoid prolonged understaffing, and ensure the timely completion of critical projects and tasks.

Specialized Training

NuPaths provides targeted training programs for specific entry-level tech roles, focusing on job-ready skills aligned with industry demands. Hiring NuPaths grads allows companies to access talented interns and apprentices with specialized training, ensuring they have the necessary technical skills to contribute effectively from day one.

Diverse Talent Pool

When you choose to partner with us to hire interns and apprentices, you gain access to a talent pool that is richly diverse and uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of today's evolving workplace. Our students possess a deep understanding of the communities they come from, allowing them to approach problem-solving with empathy and inclusivity. Together, we can drive positive change while you benefit from the exceptional talent and fresh perspectives our students bring to the table.


NuPaths interns and apprentices offer a cost-effective way for companies to bridge their tech skills gap. At entry-level compensation rates, companies can invest in developing interns' skills while managing costs.

Learn More About Hiring Our Grads For Your Internships & Apprenticeships.

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