April 27, 2022

Q&A with a NuPaths Alumni, Kalim Bhatti

Are you interested in making a career change, but feeling in the dark about what it takes to make that change happen? It can feel like a daunting task to take on, and the first step can feel uncertain, maybe even impossible. We’re here to offer you support and encouragement!

Whether you are interested in learning about a career in tech, or are ready to transition from unskilled jobs to a skilled career, but need to gain experience, the advice in this post holds wisdom and inspiration for you.

One powerful way to gain insight is to learn from someone else’s story! NuPaths graduates come from all walks of life, and each has a unique story to tell. But all share some very important characteristics. They have worked hard and remain committed to their goal, even when life throws an obstacle in their path. We invite you to meet one such NuPaths alumnus, Kalim Bhatti, and to hear his first-hand experience of what brought him to NuPaths, and his outcome.

Meet Kalim Bhatti

  • Graduate Name: Kalim Bhatti
  • Program Completed: IT Security Analyst
  • Year Completed: 2019
  • Current Title: Information Security Specialist
  • Name of Employer: BDP International

We talked with Kalim about his experience in the IT Security Analyst program he completed through NuPaths to learn more about what inspired the decision to join, what he learned from the experience, and how he’s applying the knowledge he gained. Keep reading to hear, in Kalim’s words, about how he furthered his career as an Information Security Specialist through NuPaths.

Q: Why did you choose NuPaths?

Bhatti: I lost my job as a professional photographer. While this was a very challenging twist in my career path, I now see it as the opportunity that led me to redirect my talents and passions into the career I have today. After my unemployment compensation expired, the State policy is to encourage retraining. So EDSI Solutions at the local career center sponsored my enrollment in a continuing education training course. Choices included a career in health, HVAC, truck driving, and a couple of other choices. Short answer, the counselor at the career center suggested I explore information security seeing that I had a bit of technical experience.

Q: How has your education at NuPaths helped you in your life and career?

Bhatti: I believe my experience and education gained through NuPaths helped open doors for my very first (and now second) IT job. Those were entry-level help desk roles but they were instrumental in obtaining permanent help desk positions. Once in the IT world, doors open quickly as you gain experience, hone in on your skills, and show dedication to your work. NuPaths played a role in unlocking all three of these within. That is how I so quickly obtained a permanent role as a security specialist.

Q: What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at NuPaths?

Bhatti: IT is a great career path. There is so much to learn and when you embark on it, it is a journey without a destination. This means it is a never-ending journey as technology continues to evolve. IT certifications are important to help get you that first job, but the actual on-the-job experience is where so much value will be gained!

Q: Something people may not know about you and how has this played into your career.

Bhatti: I was a professional photographer for over 20 years. This was my job prior to finding NuPaths and changing my career to IT. Though my daily job looks quite different now, elements of my photography skills and background do play a relevant role. My basic understanding of technology, having a technical eye for things, and knowing how to view things critically are all relevant to my job now. The best advice I have for other people reading this, who face a similar fork in the road in their career, is to think big, try new things, and never be afraid of failing. If you listen to your intuition and seek trusted and experienced resources, your path will always lead you to a career of fulfilling work.

Through Kalim Bhatti’s personal experiences, we hope you gained insight into how investing in a skills training program will enable you to embark on an amazing career. The most important takeaway is this. Take that first step. You don’t have to have all the answers from the start, in fact, it’s very likely you’ll have a lot of questions. NuPaths is here to support you every step along the way, starting with that first one!

No matter where you are in your career or decision-making process - whether you’re ready to invest in your future or simply want more information - we have answers, experiences, and encouragement to share with you! Set up a time to speak with a NuPaths student success coordinator and take that first step. Click here to schedule a call with a student success coordinator.

Remember, with dedication, passion, and hard work, you can have a career in technology, just like Kalim Bhatti!

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