February 9, 2024

Shapiro Administration Invests $600K, NuPaths Among Recipients, Boosting Veteran Employment & Support in PA

The Shapiro Administration has allocated $600,000 in grants to support veteran employment and assistance programs across Pennsylvania. These initiatives aim to help veterans transition their military skills into civilian careers and address high unemployment rates in targeted counties. Secretary Nancy A. Walker emphasized the importance of investing in the veteran community to strengthen Pennsylvania's economy.

Governor Josh Shapiro's commitment to workforce development prioritizes opportunities for veterans to shape their career paths. Maj. Gen. Mark Schindler of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs expressed gratitude for the support provided to veterans and their families.

The grants will fund projects such as the "Heroes Rising" initiative in Chester County and technology career training by NuPaths, LLC. Additionally, the Veterans Leadership Program will offer job skills training and employment support across multiple counties. This investment underscores Pennsylvania's dedication to supporting veterans' successful integration into the civilian workforce.


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