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High School Students
Learn how you can take a NuPaths course in high school to earn industry certifications and college credits.  Then continue after high school to start a career in technology in 6 months. Enrolling in individual courses is a great option if you:

  • know you want to go to college, but would like to earn certifications and college credits in high school,
  • know you want to get a job in tech after graduating high school and want to get a head start on your career training,
  • or aren't sure what you want to do after high school but want to explore a career in tech.

High School Graduates
If you're a high school graduate age 18-24, you can enroll in individual courses as well.  Starting with a single course will help you:

  • decide whether a career in technology is an interest for you,
  • decide which NuPaths tech training program is the best fit for you,
  • and start your career education with an option to get a job in tech or continue on for a college degree.

Your career education is a big step—and we’re here to make it as smooth as possible. To get started today simply complete the short contact form.

Then a student success coordinator will contact you to help you with the next steps.

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