January 21, 2021

Study for a New Career While Working

If you’re currently working full or part-time and thinking about studying for a new career in technology, there are options that may allow for you to do both at the same time. Balancing work with educational courses is not easy, but if you’re committed to enhancing your skills and education to better your career, the outcome is well worth the effort.

NuPaths offers 6-month training programs that begin preparing you for your new career on day 1. Best of all, most programs are available in a distance learning model that allows students to plan ahead, set a weekly schedule, and complete assignments throughout each week..  Each week also includes online sessions with the instructor 3 times a week from 6-7:30 PM, making it easy to attend classes around almost any work schedule.

If you’re interested in learning more about how starting to train for a career change right now, while maintaining your current job, can benefit you long-term, keep reading.

Return on Investment

We all have unique starting points in our careers. Where you stand today likely looks very different from someone else. Consider your current job, your level of excitement to show up to work each day, your salary and benefits, and the work-life balance it affords you. If you’re less than satisfied with any one of these areas, it is smart to explore options sooner rather than later that can help you advance to a job that gives you greater satisfaction.

Enrolling in an online technology training program is an investment in your career, and in yourself. It will require time, money, and resources. However, it’s important to look at the return on investment that you stand to receive. The easiest way to quantify this is by the potential increase in salary you may earn from a step up in your career. Here are just a few of the many popular IT positions available that you could obtain with additional training. What’s shown is the average midpoint salary according to the Robert Half Technology 2021 Salary Guide.

  • $40,500 - Technical Support Specialist
  • $43,750 - Network Technician
  • $88,000 - Associate Website Developer
  • $77,000 - Software Testing Analyst

How do any of these salaries compare to your own right now? What would an annual increase mean for you in 1 year...5 years...8 years? It’s likely that your investment in an IT training program today would more than pay for itself in a short period of time, especially if you make the investment early in your career. 

Benefits of Studying with NuPaths

There is no lack of options for professionals wishing to enroll in an IT training program. Such programs are offered all across the country and take on a variety of shapes and forms - each with its own pros and cons to consider. As you explore whether NuPaths might be the right option for you, consider the following benefits we offer our students that make it convenient to work while also studying for a new career.

All NuPaths courses provide a weekly schedule of assignments that you can plan your life around. Simply put, there should be no surprises or unknown deadlines that catch you off guard. The assignment schedule is fully planned out ahead of time for you to review and add to your calendar. You will also have guidance from your instructor to ensure you understand what is due and when.

Our programs are designed to move you efficiently through the training process in just 6-months. On the very first day of classes, you will gain knowledge that is immediately applicable to your future career. We understand that time is valuable, which is why we make the most of every minute you dedicate to your coursework. Through Nupaths, you can earn up to 6 industry certifications, representing you have the technology skills employers are looking for.. Our business skills training also prepares students to enter an IT office environment with confidence. 

Take the Next Step

With the flexibility and affordability of IT training programs, like those offered by NuPaths, there’s never been a better time to consider studying for a new career while continuing to work your full or part-time job. It will take dedication and discipline, but the outcome of a new and exciting job about which you’re passionate is well worth the 6-month commitment. Most importantly, consider the return on investment not only for yourself but for your family. Higher pay, better work-life balance, and being fulfilled by your career are immeasurable benefits that many NuPaths students go on to experience upon completion of their training.

If any of this has you interested or has you curious about how to take this next step in your career, we invite you to contact a NuPaths career counselor today. Our friendly and experienced professionals stand ready to help you create a plan for your new career in technology. Get started here.

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