February 17, 2021

Success Starts from Day 1 with NuPaths Career Services Support

Gaining the skills and education needed to pursue a job in technology is an important first step in your career. However, it takes more than training alone to ensure you will land the job you want. NuPaths is committed to supporting student success which is why, in addition to our educational programs, we provide extensive career development that begins the first week of enrollment.

A successful  career is more than just landing your first job. Being prepared with skills that will serve you throughout your career will set you up for long-term career success. These are skills like professional networking, communication, and conflict resolution. And all of these skills are developed in your NuPaths program through workshops, webinars, networking events, and career services support.

Business Skills Workshops

Throughout the 6-month program, students participate in workshops that focus on developing job search, professional networking, communication, interviewing, negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Students are also guided to create a professional résumé and begin building a network on LinkedIn. At NuPaths, our goal is not only to place trained individuals in the workplace, but to equip them with professional skills that set them apart.


NuPaths also offers events for students to develop their job search and networking skills. The events provide insight into best practices for job searching, résumé writing, and interview preparation. An Employer Connection event allows students to engage with multiple employers for current and future job opportunities in a speed interviewing format. And toward the end of the program, students participate in a “Next Steps Session” where they learn about professional associations from an employer, Harrisburg University professional development, HU degree programs, and staying connected with NuPaths for career services.

Job Placement Assistance

NuPaths works with students throughout the training program and beyond, to pursue employment opportunities. We connect students with employers for internships, apprenticeships, and full-time job opportunities. We stay connected to our grads through events and a LinkedIn group to continue to present them with a variety of career opportunities.

Internship - An internship with a prospective employer is a way for students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. It can provide valuable experience for career development, become a milestone on a resume, and lead to full-time employment. NuPaths will connect you with employers for internship opportunities.

Apprenticeship - An apprenticeship connects employers with skilled workers and allows you to  earn a paycheck while also learning on the job. As a registered pre-apprenticeship provider, NuPaths works hand-in-hand with an apprenticeship partner to offer students a registered apprenticeship option.

Full-Time Employment - Technology is at the core of much of today’s business, education and government operations.  And, the location from which you work can often be flexible. NuPaths will connect you with employers and staffing agencies for full-time   job opportunities.

The Value of IT Training and Business Skills

According to Business Wire, Inc., 60% of organizations surveyed by a Career Advisory Board indicated it was common for job applicants to lack the technology skills important for success in their career, with half reporting a tech skills deficit in their current employee base. 

This data reinforces the value of IT training for increased job opportunities. Potential hires who can demonstrate they not only have technology training, but also essential business skills will have a competitive edge over other candidates. This is why NuPaths is proud to provide students with a thorough education that puts them in the best position to succeed in the technology workforce. And in doing so, this provides a stream of qualified candidates which is a benefit to growing IT businesses looking for skilled workers. 


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