Prepare Students
For A Tech Future
We Partner With High Schools To Boost Student Technology Career Skills & College Readiness.

We Set Students Up For Success

Expand the educational opportunities for your students by providing them the option to learn in-demand tech skills. These skills will benefit them as they enter college or the workforce and have a lifelong impact.
Programs are offered in-school or as an after school program.
Students are able to earn multiple industry certifications in high school.
Students can earn college credits and participate in dual enrollment.
Students will have career opportunities.
Our programs offer students an opportunity to look ahead and begin career exploration.
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Why NuPaths for High School Students?

Completing a career program and earning industry certifications can differentiate students for scholarships and internships while in college and for job opportunities after high school or college.

We Support Career and College Readiness

Preparing students for all post-secondary options; whether a degree or the workforce, is important to individual success and a healthy economy.

NuPaths provides an option for school districts to offer students IT certification courses during high school to help students prepare for a transition to college or a career.
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We Engage Students with Active Learning

NuPaths' hands on approach keeps students more engaged than traditional group instruction that many high school students find unfulfilling. Students will have access to simulations scenarios and lab equipment for hands on learning. The personalized learning strategies and techniques used in the NuPaths courses have impacted high school student achievement throughout Pennsylvania and the nation.
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We Create Meaningful Outcomes

High school students who successfully complete a NuPaths’ curriculum will have more than a series of IT courses to round-out their high school career. Upon successful completion, high school students will have industry recognized certifications and tech skills for an entry-level IT job, and college credits toward a future college education.
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We Make It Easy For You To implement

NuPaths has created a system designed to make partnering with us easy.
We have a process in place to help with everything from recruitment to career services.

Student Outreach

We provide resources that will help promote the program and enroll students.

Accepted Students

We provide students a program orientation, all course materials and pre-apprenticeship preparation.


You will have confidence during the course from the ongoing communication we provide.

Career Services

Students will have access to resources that will help strengthen their college or job search.

Our Programs

NuPaths collaborates with schools, businesses, and government to broaden tech career pathways beyond traditional college, ensuring success for every student. Finishing a program and obtaining industry certifications and college credits puts students ahead of the competition.

Career Readiness

Students can earn college credits and certifications by the end of a 1 year course which sets them up for college or a professional career – that in and of itself is leaps and bounds above any of the other types of curriculums that are out there
Justin Seiber
High School Teacher
Greenwood High School

Learn More About Our High School Programs

Connect with us today so we can begin working together to increase opportunities for your students to start their technology education. To get started simply complete the short contact form.

Then a partner success manager will contact you to talk about next steps.


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