December 30, 2020

The New Year’s Resolution That Will Make a Difference in Your Life

As we approach the New Year, it’s common to think about what you may wish to accomplish over the next twelve months to improve your health, lifestyle, relationships, and even your career. This fresh start offers an opportunity to make changes in our lives so that we can look back and see this as a turning point as to when improvement began.

For this New Year, what would it look like for you to enhance your career? It could be a more fulfilling job, better pay, and possibly more time spent with family and friends. To accomplish this, will you need to increase your skills and education? IT training has many benefits that are quick to improve your career options. And enhancing your career has a far greater payout than the popular resolutions like spending more time at the gym, getting organized, or traveling more. Weren’t those also last year’s resolutions anyway? 

6-Month Commitment

As we know most New Year’s resolutions feel daunting when we look at committing to them for the long-term. The good news with IT training programs through NuPaths is that it’s only 6 months, allowing you to complete your New Year’s resolution in time to start your new career by summer. Plus the 26-week program is carefully thought out to keep you engaged and progressing every step of the way. So it will never feel like a redundant task like many other resolutions.

Affordable and Accessible

NuPaths’IT training programs are an investment in your career that comes with flexible funding options to meet your financial needs. Unlike money spent on a new gym membership or the cost of a vacation, our IT programs come with the options of receiving a scholarship or applying for a loan through Meritize to cover all or part of tuition costs. Plus, the knowledge and experience you earn will set you up for a higher-paying career option in the future, which will more than deliver a return.

Virtual Learning

In the New Year, the option for virtual learning will remain as important as ever. NuPaths has this covered with fully virtual, distance learning options. We offer a flexible blend of self-paced online work and live, online sessions. Our distance learners stay engaged with high-quality instructors available for questions, assistance, testing, and face-to-face interactions 3 nights a week. 

Start a New Career for a Bright Future

And when we look at the return on investment (ROI) of other New Year’s resolutions, choosing to focus on advancing your career through an IT training program with NuPaths will have an immediate and significant payback. Imagine if you advanced from your current job to become a network technician, IT security analyst, or digital marketing assistant. More than just higher pay, this could provide you with more favorable work hours, a better work environment, and the fulfillment of doing something you’re passionate about. This is an investment not just in your career, but in yourself, your family, and your future. Now that’s a powerful New Year’s resolution!

How do you plan to invest in yourself in the New Year? Will you choose a usual resolution that tends to not stick or doesn’t add up to meaningful change? Instead, consider making a commitment – for just 6 months – to enhance your IT skills in 2021 and make a lasting impact on your career. After all, how we make a living is how we make a life.

Click here for more info and to apply for one of the IT training programs offered by NuPaths today!  The next programs start on January 25!

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