September 16, 2020

I'm Working in IT and Need to Update My Skills

Rapid change. Innovation. Technology disruption These are some of the buzzwords that we see reflected in the media about the IT industry. Discussion around this field may leave you feeling confused and uncertain, even if you’re already working in technology. NuPaths is here to help.

If you’re currently working in tech, it may be time to learn new skills and gain new certifications to keep up with our ever-evolving world. But why might you want to undertake this new education?

A few reasons you should consider new certifications and skills include:

  • Personal-growth
  • Shifting career goals
  • Specialization
  • Growth in your current career
  • Transitioning to new roles within tech
  • Salary increases
  • Staying relevant for your employer

Growing in your IT career takes constant learning.  It’s interesting and beneficial to learn new skills to keep up with new technology and the advancements that come with it.

How do you know if you need to update your skills?

Understanding your current environment and where you fit into your team is the first step. Evaluating your needs, your team’s needs, and what you can personally do to address skill gaps is the first step of personal reflection.

You may need to update your skills if:

  • you often feel like terminology is going over your head.
  • you often find yourself asking coworkers for help about subjects you don’t feel adequately trained in.
  • you are not being sought out for advice on more advanced or complicated projects.
  • you are not getting assigned the desirable projects.
  • you are not satisfied with the amount you are earning.
  • you have not been promoted in a while.
  • coworkers who formerly had less seniority are now your supervisors.

How do I update my IT skills while still working in the field?

Balancing your current career in tech with a desire to learn and improve new skills can be challenging.  Managing your life and career alongside continuing education does not always feel possible, but focusing on the specific skills you need or want to refine through IT certifications can have a career impact while also allowing you to balance your personal life.

NuPaths IT certification training programs can help you to get specific and realize a career impact in a short period of time.  We offer in-demand certifications including those for Microsoft, CompTIA, Google, Cisco, and Adobe.

NuPaths offers 7 unique programs, focused on specific IT job roles. What makes this especially special, if you’re already involved in the tech field, is that you can choose the program that you need the most to get started. Decide where you could use additional training and embark on a specific educational journey to bring your skills to a new level.

NuPaths skill-focused training programs are 6 months long and adaptable to working professionals.

Where do I begin to finance training?

Beyond time, financial costs are often also a barrier to entry for many. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you are ready to commit to enhancing your skills in the tech field, here are a few ways you can get started:

Recent NuPaths grads were in your shoes at one time. You can do it! Your team at Nupaths will work alongside you by utilizing our network of industry professionals as instructors, hands-on skill development, and certification exam prep strategies and materials.

NuPaths is here to connect you with the guidance you need and ensure that both time and finance are barriers that can be overcome.

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