April 7, 2023

Why Would You Want to Be a Network Technician [updated]

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” --Robert Frost

When it comes to education and how this impacts a future career, students also have various “roads” they can choose and some are less traveled. One example is the education and career of a network engineer. This usually requires only high school and vocational training, so if you do not plan to pursue a traditional undergraduate degree, want to upskill, or desire a career change, becoming a network engineer could be a fulfilling career opportunity with many benefits. 

What do network engineers do and how do you become trained as one? Keep reading for all the answers!

What Network Technicians Do

As communication and collaboration across networks continue to grow, companies rely on network technicians to support the critical business applications that keep their organizations running effectively. Network engineers install, maintain, and troubleshoot Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and data communication equipment. They are also responsible for testing and configuring operating systems, repairing hardware, performing preventive maintenance, and applying security measures to ensure that customer needs are met. You may also hear this job referred to as operations center technician, network communications technician, computer technician, and IT infrastructure technician.

You may have played the role of your own personal network technician if you’ve ever investigated an issue with your home’s wi-fi router or connected your gaming platform to your home network.

Rising Demand for Entry-Level Network Professionals

Job openings for network technicians have exploded and are expected to continue to rise as technology gets more and more complex. According to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, network technicians are in high demand with 147,448 job postings over the past 12 months. Additionally, there is a projected growth rate of 6.5 percent over the next 10 years.

This career path also offers a healthy salary. According to salary.com, the average Network Technician salary in the United States is $77,262.  

Network Engineer Training

Because technology is constantly evolving, this requires consistent education. And the more education and training throughout your career, the more opportunities for income growth.

NuPaths offers the training and education you need to take the path to become an entry-level technician. And best of all, our distance learning model allows you to complete 100% of your training online in just about 26 weeks. There are 3 courses, business skills workshops, 5 certifications, 8 college credits, and 1 project in the program, totaling 214 hours of courses, labs, and workshops. You can earn certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA like A+ and Network+; certifications that employers look for when hiring.  Additionally, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology awards college credits on successful completion of the various courses in the program. Students have the potential to earn up to 8 college credits in the Network Technician Program.

You will learn to confidently handle the most challenging technical support issues across a variety of computer hardware, operating systems, and Windows servers as well as the basics of computer hardware, software, mobile computing, networking, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies. You will also complete your training with the skills to confidently install, operate, and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network, including basic network security.

Assistance with Job Placement

NuPaths provides career services support throughout the program, and beyond.  Unlike many other training options, we work with you to pursue employment opportunities and set you up for success in the future. Paid internships even provide an opportunity to work and make money while completing a NuPaths program or to transition into a full-time job role. Paid apprenticeships are also available through our apprenticeship partner, TranZed Apprenticeship Services. And for students who successfully complete the program, we personally refer you to trusted staffing agencies, CareerLinks, and local employers for job opportunities. Learn more about NuPaths' network technician training and certification program, including tuition and requirements here.

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