October 23, 2019

NuPaths Introduces Distance Learning Program

NuPaths is excited to announce that our Technical Support Specialist program, beginning 12/9, will be offered in a distance learning format!

Distance LearningStephanie Keller, instructor and program manager for NuPaths, shares some key highlights of this program in the Q&A below.  Read on to find out why the distance learning program can benefit you!

What makes the distance learning program design different?

The online component allows students to participate from various locations. For those in rural areas, it gives them an opportunity that they might not have had in the past.

It’s a flexible, blended learning program where students will work on their own, but also be able to connect with the instructor and other students through live, online meetings. Students will be active participants and will be expected to prepare for the virtual meetings with the instructor.

Students can also attend sessions in the classroom at Harrisburg University if they choose to do so.  Aside from the live sessions with the instructor, students will have assigned reading, labs, practice exams and communication with other students in the discussion forum.

The program offers the following types of instruction: live, online classroom, in-person classroom, recorded class sessions. How can a student tell which format is best for them?

Each week, there will be three instructor-led sessions. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students can come in person or attend online. Wednesday will be an online-only class. At the beginning of each week, we will ask students to sign-up to attend a class session in-person. The in-person instruction is ideal for someone who wants to talk more about the content with the instructor. It’s an opportunity for a hands-on connection for someone who benefits from the face-to-face interaction with the instructor. The students have options. If they can’t attend a class – in-person or online – it will be recorded for them to view later.

What type of technology will be required to participate in the virtual component?

The live, online sessions will be conducted in Zoom, a popular web conferencing software that students can download for free.  Course materials and assignments will be coordinated in Populi, NuPaths’ school information system.

What characteristics does a student need to participate in a distance learning course?

Self-discipline and organization, for starters. The student will need to prioritize assignments and set aside time to study. Those who are most successful with our program take the time to complete all of the assignments, read the e-book, and take the practice exams. The exams are beneficial because they are similar to the certification exam. The practice helps to improve their scores and decrease the time it takes to complete the exam.

What else should we know about the program?

At NuPaths, we try to create a balance between preparing students for the certification exam and preparing them for real-world employment. Our industry experts are instructors who also have teaching experience. We want the students to walk away with the knowledge about how to apply their classroom work to the job.

We really work to help the students be successful. We also give them the tools to help them find a job.

We invite you to learn more about our Technical Support Specialist program in a distance learning format.   And, remember we have 90% scholarships available!

Click here to learn more and apply today!

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