November 13, 2020

Join the Transformation to Digital Storefronts as a Digital Marketing Assistant

These days, it seems like "Black Friday" is every day. What was once the busiest shopping day of the year is now a constant stream of supply and demand. The modern means of shopping have changed, especially with the whirlwind of 2020 and the pandemic brought along with it. Changes like this are the perfect example of how the evolving ways of the modern world require technology alongside it to adapt and catch up.

One of the most notable changes in 2020 is how we shop. Social distancing has forced almost everyone to purchase some items online and others to start purchasing everything online. In fact, forecasters are all in alignment that this year’s holiday shopping season will break every record due to the ease of shopping online. Many buyers are looking for contact-free ways to shop, whether fully online, curbside pickup, or using ‘Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store’ options.

Digital marketing and the new normal for shoppers

According to eMarketer, 52% of U.S. consumers will end up using the 'Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store' method for the remainder of 2020. Forbes also states that as online buyer behavior remains strong, offline sales are expected to decline by 6.6% in 2020. This sudden emphasis on shopping online has created a demand for digital marketing professionals. Tools and strategies that were the norm five, or even two years ago are no longer relevant. Online platforms take different shapes with each shift, and that requires companies to adjust their marketing. This cycle creates a great need for digital marketing skills.

Generally speaking, digital marketing utilizes the promotion of products and services through a variety of digital channels, using the internet and mobile technology as key tools to achieve this. Digital marketers are involved in helping develop an organization's multi-channel communication strategies and may work across several areas, or specialize in a few, depending on the size and requirements of their employers. Digital Marketing assistants have specific skill sets that allow them to complete their tasks.

A growing need for digital marketing assistants

A thorough review of digital marketing resumes highlights three main skills; analytical skills, critical-thinking skills, and detail-oriented habits. When it comes down to the most critical technical skills needed to be a digital marketing assistant,  8.8% of digital marketing assistant resumes list twitter, while 7.6% of resumes include website skills, and 7.4% of resumes include analytics. Hard skills such as these are useful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities.

Digital marketing professionals work in a wide variety of fields. When searching for a job, many may begin so by searching for a key term or a phrase. However, it may be more efficient to search by industry. This is because you may accidentally be missing out on jobs that you never thought about in industries that you didn't even think offered positions related to the digital marketing assistant job title. For example, it turns out that most digital marketing assistants seem to procure jobs in the professional and hospitality industries.  

How NuPaths can help

You can train to be a Digital Marketing Assistant online with NuPaths. The program includes three courses, business skills workshops, five certifications, and one project, totaling 166 hours of courses, labs, and workshops. All these skills will land potential candidates in fast-growing positions that deal directly with the rapidly evolving qualities of today’s buying experience. Students will be armed with the knowledge to help them succeed in a new and fast-growing career path. Certifications earned in the program from industry leaders like Adobe, Google, and Microsoft will catch the eye of companies looking for talent who can work with today’s leading technologies. 

You can find more information on our Digital Marketing Assistant program here, and instances of current digital marketing assistant job openings that are available here.

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