April 26, 2022

How NuPaths is Helping High Schools Educate Future Ready Students [updated]

Education is evolving! It’s essential that educators and institutions work together to build new options for career and college success. To do this, we need to bring stakeholders together from school districts, businesses, and government to expand pathways for every student's success in life. And this is exactly what NuPaths aims to do.

NuPaths understands that completing a career program and gaining industry certifications can be the difference between earning college scholarships and getting hired for internships that set students up for future success. This is why we are proud to offer a variety of high school enrichment and future ready programs that provide certifications and ongoing training programs that are useful, convenient, and affordable for high school students. 

Keep reading to explore the various ways in which NuPaths’ programs are designed to educate high school students and young adults to  help them excel within their chosen career path.

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NuPaths Helps Manheim Township High School Students Become Future-Ready!

This program allows students to earn IT certifications needed to pursue entry-level careers in the field of digital marketing. Students also earn college credits through Harrisburg University. This is a career and college readiness program that provides an opportunity for high school students to earn up to six industry certifications from Adobe and Google, while simultaneously earning high school elective credits and college credits. Click here to read more. 

NuPaths Gives High School Students a Jump Start for Work or College

NuPaths Gives Cumberland County High School Students a Jump Start for Work or College

NuPaths makes learning opportunities available to high school students that provide a fundamental understanding of core IT technologies like computer hardware, operating systems, networking technologies and protocols, IT security, and troubleshooting. Students also learn about business technologies like web design and development, online advertising, and analytics. To graduate with this educational foundation and in-demand technology skills provides a great advantage to students wishing to pursue an immediate career or enroll in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program after high school. Click here to read more. 

Group of NuPaths high school students celebrating success, checking exam results online

Give Your High School Student or Recent HS Grad a Jump Start in IT with NuPaths After School

Enrichment programs give students early access to the college experience and offer college credits which may be transferred to a degree program. NuPaths offers a tech support specialist program in 3 parts for high school students in an online, after-school format to help students become future-ready. The program is designed to deliver the tech support specialist education spread out during a student’s high school education, and concluding shortly after graduation from high school. Click here to read more. 

High School and Early Career Enrichment: Learn the Fundamentals of Excel and Office

Being fluent in Office software like Microsoft Excel and Outlook will put high school students and early career candidates a step ahead when entering the workforce or college. Students who complete a career program and gain industry certifications can differentiate themselves from others when it comes time to apply to colleges, jobs, internships, and scholarships. Through NuPaths early career enrichment programs, high school students have the opportunity to gain a wide variety of essential Excel and Office skills that will serve them well now and into the future. Click here to read more. 

NuPaths is ready to partner with teachers, administrators, and high schools to expand the benefits of these programs within the local community. We are passionate about creating opportunities where educators can support high school students to help them become future ready leaders. Let’s talk about teaming up for the 2022-2023 school year! Contact NuPaths today to learn more

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